Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday Night Never Winter Nights

We had a full house for Never Winter Nights last night with myself, Jeff, Nick (and Rosie), and Harold all showing up.  We began the evening by my, in effect, costing Jeff $50 by showing him what the new Civilization V game looked like :-)

After this we went onto Kharlindale, the NWN server that we frequent and completed the Cleon Hipparcurus (sp) mission.  We had a great time and fought a bunch of creatures I had not seen before like Bulletts, Manticores, Sea Hags, and in the end Medusa herself.  Everyone leveled up during the evening and we seemed to be getting back into the flow after our recent break.  The party is now between levels 35 and 31 and we have went further along the story quest line than any of our other characters.

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