Monday, April 4, 2011

Cargo Noir

I tried out Cargo Noir by Days of Wonder at Lost Legion Games: the Riflemen yesterday. I did not have high hopes for it as my friend Ted Cheatham of the Opinionated Gamers had said online that "The game works fine, I just found no joy and was glad for it to be over." I believe that Tom Vasal and Scott Nicholson had given the game poor reviews as well.

Thanks to Dave G. and Travis R. for teaching and encouraging the game and Doug and Ann J. and the other folks who played with me. Great game!

This is a great, light game with components that are just amazing. Basically you bid on goods in various ports using coins. The number of bids you have is limited to the ships you have available in your fleet. Goods are collected and then traded in for cards worth victory points. The game runs quickly and is very easy to learn.

I picked up a copy at the store and brought it home. Lissa and I played it last night and it plays very well with two as well as the five we played at the store.