Friday, October 1, 2010

Charcon 2010 Coming to Charleston, WV October 22-24

Our local gaming convention, Charcon, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month.  In five short years my friends in the Charcon staff have built an amazing convention. Last year I believe there were over 500 attendees and I would expect there to be many more this year with special guests including one of my favorite authors, Eric Flint, artists such as Kelly Brightbill and Tammy Pryce, additional authors, game designers and more.  Each year there is a Premier Board Game Event where various new games are featured and for at least the second year running there will be a Settlers of Catan NACC qualifier tournament where the winner goes to GenCon to compete for the North American title.  Moreover, the organizers have worked great deals with a number of game manufacturers and you even get a bag of great swag for preregistering.  Go here to preregister and lock in your swag and your snazzy Charcon fifth anniversary t-shirt in the color of your choice.

Lissa and I will again be running the Charcon DBA tournament and we will be premiering our western game using the Gutshot rules there as well.  If you are going to the con please leave a comment below and let me know what events you are planning on participating in.

Charcon Flyer
Preliminary Event Listing

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