Monday, September 20, 2010

Advance the Colors Posts

We made it home from Advance the Colors last night and I have a ton of pictures to post as well as recaps of games and the like to post.  Advance the Colors is the flagship convention for the HMGS-Great Lakes organization of which I am a long time member and ex-member of the board of directors.  I will be posting these over the next week or so and expect to have separate posts for two of the three different games I played in, a general overview of various other games that I saw at the con, and a post about my experience in general and the figures that I picked up.  Advance the Colors is a great little con.  I try to get to this convention every year and am never disappointed.  The best thing about the con is that each year we are able to go up to Springfield and visit with a great group of old friends.  It was awesome to see everyone!  Thank you to John Lawitzke and to everyone else (GMs, staff, other attendees) who made ATC such a great con.

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