Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucky Scales tie Glove Slap at One to Close out Fun League West Season Five

***Sports Update from the Herpetological News Network [HNN]***

Lizardman Blood Bowl team, Lucky Scales met the Chaos team, Glove Slap, to finish up the Fifth season on Fun League West.

The Scales kicked off to start the game and the ball is taken in the air by Beastman Point'nogor who sprints to the left side of the field behind several blockers as the Chaos line begins its assault on the Lizard line.  This initial push was stymied by the fall of Minotaur Lilikrieg with a Groin strain as he attempted to block Saurus Iztit-qa.  The Slaps continued to make their way up the left sideline as the Scales attempted to corral the beastmen and Chaos Warriors closer to the sideline where they could be introduced to their fans in the stands.  Saurus Kailizh continued what appeared to be some sort of assault on the nether regions of the Slaps as he put Maly Muzzle out of the game with yet another Groin Strain.  The casualties began to mount on the Scales side as well as Skink runner, Tza-oatlilt was sent to visit the doctors.  He was followed shortly after by fellow runner, Iztit-qa.  While this was happening, Skink runner Munditeu-hi charged in, knocking Point'nogors who still had the ball into the crowd, picked up the ball and spurted out of the scrum to pick up the ball and dash towards the end zone and the first score of the game.  Lucky Scales 1 - Glove Slap - 0.  The Scales kicked off to the Slaps in the waning seconds of the half.

The Glove Slaps kicked off to the Scales and the ball was picked up by the hero of the first half, Munditeu-hi who dashed forward to shelter behind a strong lizard wall.  The wall broke down a bit as Goq of Huatl, the Saurus blocker, was put out of the game with broken ribs. The scrum went on for some time until Munditeu-hi was hit and the ball knocked loose.  Beastman Point'nogors picked up the ball and ran towards the end zone followed closely by two lizard defenders.  Munditeu-hi attempted to join them but was tripped up and sent to the doctors box with his friends.  Point'nogors failed as he tried to scoot by for the touchdown and landed on the ground, the ball bouncing free.  Ulalashi dashed in and took the ball back towards mid-field.  Until he too was put down with the ball being recovered by the Slaps who, with time near to expiring, took the ball downfiled, handing off to Chaos Warrior, Drakar Ashyh Paos'y who went in for a score.  The Slaps kicked off to the Scales as time expired and the game ended in a 1-1 tie.



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