Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Other Games from Advance the Colors

     As much fun as the games we were able to play were, there were so many great ones that we were unable to play.  We were only even able to take pics of a few of these games.  Chief among the games we missed was Dave Zecchini's fantastic Assault on Vault 51 game using the Mutants and Death Ray Guns.  The game was a featured game and was setup in the registration area.  Jeff and I played the Vault 34 game at last year's ATC with my last trooper turning traitor and dropping "The King" in order to show my new loyalty to the Brotherhood of Steel.  

Game Description from the catalog:
     After successfully breaching Vault 34 last year, the Brotherhood of Steel found evidence of an even more highly classified Vault-Tec facility in the heart of the Nevada. Official Vault-Tec databases and U.S. Government records deny it exists, but the Vault 34 files give it a number ... Vault 51. Last year's Fallout 3 inspired apocalyptic mayhem was such a hit, it's back this year! Don powered armor to fight in the assault, or grab a rifle and throw back the defenders.

Figure 1: Vault overview showing lit up power plant
Figure 2: View of setup showing the power plant and a spaceship
Figure 3: Slightly blurry view but a good pic showing Zeke's use of Hirst Arts molds
Figure 4: Medlab
     The other game that most attracted my interest that I was unable to play was John Patrick's Aristotle Down game.  The game was set on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom. 

Game Description from the catalog:

Mars, 1884:  The H.M.S.S. Aristotle, a British transport expected from Earth, went off course and came down in Syrtis Major.   A relief column from the M.E.F. (Martian Expeditionary Force) has been dispatched. Imperial Red Martian forces are converging.  But what other threats may exist in that forbidding wasteland?

Figure 5: Aristotle Down Overview Shot
Figure 6: The Aristotle herself
Figure 7: Red Martian Airboat

Figure 8: An airship
Figure 9: Great use of native creatures to pull limbers
Figure 10: Mounted Tharks
Figure 11: Red Martian infantry
Figure 12: Red Martian Artillery
Figure 13: Red Martian cavalry
Figure 14: Martian tripod walker and steam tank

     Other games that caught our eyes include: DOUGHBOYS TAKE THE VILLAGE  (WWI Land) by John Wright.

Game Description from the catalog:

WW1 - A company of American Doughboys attempt to take a heavily fortified village from it's German defenders.

Figure 15: Doughboys Assault the Town
Figure 16: The cratered field
Figure 17: Bud in green and Jack in maroon, two military masterminds

THE OLD FRENCH PLANTATION  (Vietnam) by Jim Wonacott.

Game Description from the catalog:

August 1969.  1st Cav units chopper in to clear the old French plantation at Quan Loi.  Of course, the VC and NVA may have something to say about that…

Figure 18: The jungle and rice patties
Figure 19: The plantation itself
 And, IN DEFENSE OF DELPHI  (Ancient Greece(Mythos)) by Tom Oxley.

Game Description from the catalog:

The oracle of Delphi is seeking heroes to take over the duty of guarding the temple. Sacred bands must battle each other as well as obstacles placed by the Gods of Olympus in order to be given the honor.

Figure 20: The Temple of Delphi awaits the heroes in Tom Oxley's "In Defense of Delphi" game.
There were many other great games that we either did not see or were in too much of a hurry to get good pics of and are only excluded here because of those reasons.  HMGS-GL GMs consistently put on some of the highest quality games that I have had the privilege to play in.  Thank you all.

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