Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday Night Never Winter Nights

After a long hiatus due to the demise of Jeff's laptop we had another NWN session.  Harold, Jeff, Nick (and Rosie), and myself loaded up NWN and tried to remember how to play.  We went online to our favorite site, Kharlindale Realms.  We have been working through the story quests for the past year or so.  Harold needed to have his toon finish the Shadow Legion quest so we went there.  The Shadow Legion guys are very tough to hit and the boss guy is VERY hard to hit.  Given that Harold's toon had to be the person to hit the kill blow (not as big a problem as it would seem as his guy was the best attacker) we all dropped away when the boss fell to Near Death and simply healed Harold so he could keep swinging.  In the end we realized that there was no way for Harold to kill the guy along due to his high regeneration and we gave up on getting Harold the quest and Jeff killed the boss. 

Probably the funniest part of the session was when I killed my toon by taking off a necklace.  I had just been raised from the dead and was low on hit points.  We were changing regions and Harold mentioned that we needed to change out our amulets to maximize our armor value.  The amulet I was wearing gave me a constitution boost and when I took it off my hit points fell as I lost the constitution bonus points and crumpled to the ground!

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