Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lucky Scales 2, Cannibus Rotters 1

The Lucky Scales open up season nine of Fun League South with a blood, err. . . puss bath - ew! By the end of the match the Scales had six casualties to the Rotters none and miraculously the Scales had even scored two touchdowns, both with Sauri!

The Rotters open the game by sending the kickoff short and the ball was taken in the air by the Skink Xah of Dispair who quickly moved into place behind a wall of Sauri. Xah took the ball up the left sideline into Rotter territory, handing off to star skink, Kai of Gold. The handoff went awry and the ball ended up in the hands of the Rotter crowd. After playing around with the ball for awhile they tossed it back in near the Rotter goal line where it was picked up by a Pestigor.

After a lengthy struggle for the ball, Mazdamun of Huatl, a Saurus blocker, was able to pick up the ball and score as time ran out in the half.

The second half began with the Scales kicking the ball short, just behind the Rotter front line where it was picked up by a Pestigor. The Scales countered with the first of a number of ferocious attacks. The Rotters maintained control of the ball and escaped the Lizard attack, launching a pass to the other side of the field leading to a Rotter attack on Turn 11 tying the game.

The ensuing kickoff was again short to the Scales left side with the pickup being fumbled by the usually reliable Kai of Gold. The Rotters took advantage of the situation to grab the ball and toss it into the center of their side of the pitch.Saurus blocker Oatlgor of Pahualaxa rushed in and grabbed the ball as the rest of the Scales again began to violently assault the Rotters who despite the beatings were able to regenerate nearly all of the injuries. Meanwhile Oatlgor sprinted towards the endzone and the go ahead touchdown.

The final kickoff went deep into Rotter territory leaving them unable to score.

Thanks to Psyper for a great game and for being a good sport as the only rolls of his that worked were his regeneration rolls.