Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Night Gaming - Steam by Mayfair Games

Rosie, Nick, Jeff and I played Steam by Mayfair Games.  This is one of Jeff's Origins purchases and he had not played since the convention.  Steam is a train game with quite a few interesting mechanics.   The turn sequence for one turn is based off of the previous turns action selection and each action can only be performed by a single player.  Otherwise it is basically a build routes and deliver goods game.  Fun game.  Rosie came out ahead followed by Jeff and I tied for 2nd place with Nick close behind. 

Figure 1: Steam by Mayfair Games

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Blood in Distraction, New Mexico

On 16 July 2010 we had our first action in our Wild West town of Distraction, New Mexico.  Nick, Rosie, Jeff, Ann, Todd and Lissa divided into two teams.  Todd (Sheriff Arkansas Smith), Lissa (Deputy Lil) and Rosie (Deputy Monica La Tour) began the game in the north of town at the jail while the outlaws Ann (Annie Wesson), Jeff (Jim Loughton), and Nick (Norm) began the game on the porch of the bank as they exited with their loot.

The game was played using only the most basic of the Gutshot rules as Ann and Rosie had never played a miniatures game before.  The rules played smoothly and everyone had a great time.  The crew have decided to all go outlaw and the campaign will continue with the players running an outlaw gang.  The best line of the night was early on when after a round of absolutely terrible shooting outlaw Jim Loughton exclaimes, "Well, I cain't shoot if I cain't spit!"  

Figure 1: Opening view of Distraction, NM as outlaws exit the bank

Figure 2: Deputy Lil moves to confront the outlaws
Figure 3: Sheriff Arkansas Smith rushes the outlaws
Figure 4: The Sheriff attempts to make the arrest
Figure 5: Rosie rolls the dice
Figure 6: L-R: Jeff, Nick, Rosie, Ann, and Todd
Figure 7: The GM consults the dreaded "Snake Eyes" chart
Figure 8: Overview of mid-game
Figure 9: Deputies Annie and Lil move in to support the Sheriff
Figure 10: Sheriff Smith and the Outlaws in a desperate close range shootout
Figure 11: Deputy Lil and outlaw Annie face off
Figure 12: Another view of Annie and Lil
Figure 13: Todd lines up a shot
Figure 14: Deputy Monica la Tour joins Lil as she faces down Annie
Figure 15: Sheriff Smith having fallen, Outlaw Jim Loughton charges Deputy Lil as Norm takes careful aim at the deputies
Figure 16: Jim Laughton meets his maker at the end of Lil's pistol.
Figure 17: Lil and Annie fall
Figure 18: Rosie, Ann and Todd
Figure 19: Jeff, Nick, Rosie and Ann
Figure 20: Post-game

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lucky Scales Fall to 0-2-1

Lucky Scales - Fun League | 0-3 | Trap Snappers


The match began promisingly enough as the Scales defense held the Trap Snappers behind the mid-line for the first four turns.  Suddenly a small gap appeared and a crazy legged gutter runner reversed his field and moved towards the goal line.  A turn later he was in the endzone.  All seemed well however as the scales sent a skink long following the kickoff and tossed a pass to him.  He dropped it but it was nearby on the field.  Another gutter runner made an attempt to pick it up but failed and all that was needed was to block the gutter runner and pick up the ball on the endzone line.  The block went well but with no rerolls, the skink was unable to get his hands around the ball and watched pitifully as it bounced into the endzone.

The second half began with normal skink hi-jinks as the Scales were unable to pick the ball up following the kickoff allowing a gutter runner to crazy leg it into the backfield with a rat ogre for company leading to a two point lead.  The next kickoff return started better and looked to be shaping up as a nice sweep around the left side.  Instead, a well placed rat ogre blitz dislodged the ball and after a number of turns led to the final Trap Snapper score.

On a happier note the entire team survived the experience though the only SPPs earned were on CAS and the MVP.  The tiny 30K purse was enough to grab an additional skink.  Now if one could please get the Sure Hands skill so I can play offense :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 July 2010 - Tactics II

Nick, Rosie and I tonight as Harold attended a ball game and Jeff raided in Azoroth.  Nick and I pulled out a blast from the past, Avalon Hill's venerable Tactics II.  This is the most basic of chit wargames - pitting the Red army versus the Blue armies.  For this game we played using only the basic rules since neither of us had played this style of game in years.

I played the noble blue forces against the dastardly forces of the red army.  It was inevitable that we fight due to the reprehensible political and economic systems under which the reds live!

Figure 1: Lines in the sand

Figure Two: The red hordes attempt to turn the blue left flank

Figure Three: The last stand of the noble blue army as the capital falls

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Steve Barber Models - Gladiators - Painted by PhilGreg Painters

Finishing up our most recent order from PhilGreg Painters are six figures from Steve Barber Models Gladiator Range.  These figures are all from Steve Barber's G2 pack.  I still need to add the weapons to the models and base the figures.  Figures in this pack represent a Provocator, Sagitarius, Contra-Retiarius, Dimacherius, Veles & Laquerius.

Figure 1: Steve Barber Models G2 - Contra-Retiarius
 Figure 2: Steve Barber Models G2 - Dimacherius

Figure 3: Steve Barber Models G2 - Veles

Figure 4: Steve Barber Models G2 - Sagitarius
 Figure 5: Steve Barber Models G2 - Laquerius
Figure 6: Steve Barber Models G2 - Provocator

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lucky Scales Fall to 0-1-1

Lucky Scales - Fun League | 0 - 2 | Glove Slap

Lucky Scales - Fun League v. Glove Slap

The Scales were thoroughly battered by the Chaos team.  The Lizards had a hard time getting through the offensive front of Glove Slap.  We did not have too much time looking at their defense as they had the ball most of the game.  On the final turn I had a skink near the endzone all on his lonesome.  He was of course hit and killed.  The third player killed for the game.  It will be tough to win the next game or two with these loses.   

Impact Miniatures Valkyrie Team

More from PhilGreg Painters.  This time we have a Blood Bowl team from Impact Miniatures.

Figure 1: Impact Miniatures VK_ICET - Ice Trolless

Figure 2: Impact Miniatures Valkyrie Player

Figure 3: Impact Miniatures Valkyrie Player

Figure 4: Impact Miniatures Valkyrie Player
Figure 5: Impact Miniatures Valkyrie Player

Two Musketeers!

These two musketeers were part of my recent order of painted figures from Philgreg Painters in Sri Lanka.  I love the work they did on the tabards!

Figure 1: Reaper Miniatures 03011 Alfonso, Musketeer

Figure 2: Reaper Miniatures 03012 Olivia, Musketeer

Figure 3: Group Shot

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bastille Day 2010 - Magic the Gathering

Harold, Jeff, Nick and Rosie came over for our Wednesday Night Magic game.  Harold won the first two free-for-all hands and then we played two headed giant.  Nick and I playing Elves beat Jeff and Harold playing Goblins.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Figures from PhilGreg Painters

Pics of Wild West figures from our most recent order of painting by PhilGreg Painters of Sri Lanka.

Figure 1: Artizan Designs AWW200 - Apache Characters I

Figure 2: Artizan Designs AWW200 - Apache Characters I

Figure 3: Artizan Designs AWW200 - Apache Characters I

Figure 4: Artizan Designs AWW202 - Apache's with Rifles

Figure 5: Artizan Designs AWW202 - Apache's with Rifles

Figure 6: Artizan Designs AWW202 - Apache's with Rifles

Figure 7: from Artizan Designs AWW Trail Boss and Cowboys

Figure 8: from Wargames Foundry OW9/1 Shootists

Figure 9: Reaper Miniatures 50003: Ellen Stone, Cowgirl

Figure 10: from Artizan Designs AWW Trail Boss and Cowboys

Figure 11: Wargames Foundry OW9/2 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Reb Jenkins

Figure 12: from Wargames Foundry OW 9/1 Shootists

Figure 13: Wargames Foundry OW9/2 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Injun Joe

Figure 14: from Artizan Designs AWW Trail Boss and Cowboys

Pictures of musketeers, gladiators, and Blood Bowl figures coming soon.