Saturday, September 4, 2010

Unlucky Scales Fall to Weedy Elves 5-0

The Lucky Scales proved themselves ridiculously unlucky today as they faced off against the Wood Elves of the Woodland Gedwyldungs.  The Scales thought going in that they might be able to put up a good show having recruited the noted Ogre blocker, Morg 'n' Thorg to play for the match.  Morg of course took his appearance fee and did very little with it.  Two of the Scales skinks (Tza-oatilt and Kai of Gold) managed to complete a pass, and Uta of the Moon put an elf out of the game as part of his MVP performance.  The rest of the game consisted of elves hopping around, grabbing the ball from unsuspecting skinks, and dancing in for touchdowns.  In a cruel turn of fate, multiple riots occurred leading the perverse officials to turn the clock back and add extra time to the clock more than once.  Perhaps the only saving grace for the game was that enough money was earned from the gate to hire an additional saurus for the next game.  The phrase better luck next time seems redundant at this point as it is unimaginable how they could perform worse.  Certain slann in the crowd were heard to say that part of the problem might be the coaching of Og the Beautiful.  When asked about this after the game, Og replied, "Og give them gameplan, Og dress them in nice outfits, Og cannot go out and play the game for them as well."

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