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John Adkins’ 2010 Blood Bowl Annotated Webliography

John Adkins’ 2010 Blood Bowl Annotated Webliography
Local Links
Kanawha Riflemen Blood Bowl League (KRBBL) -
Charcon Forums KRBBL Area -
John Adkins’ Blog -

Basic Links
Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl Resources Page -
This is where you find the Blood Bowl Competition Rules.
Wikipedia Blood Bowl Entry -
The entry in Wikipedia for Blood Bowl is a short but thorough summary of the game and its history.
Midgard Blood Bowl/Blood Bowl Information Center -
This site portends to be the largest Blood Bowl library online. The site includes listings of Blood Bowl articles from White Dwarf, Citadel Journal, and Blood Bowl Magazine as well as links to 1995-2002 rulings from the OBERWALD (Online Blood Bowl Enthusiast’s Reference With Assembled League Doctrines) group. Other sections of the site contain lists of approved and variant teams, an image gallery and a list of official Blood Bowl products and when they were released.
NAF World Headquarters -
Talk Fantasy Football Forums -
Blood Bowl Tactics -
Exodite’s Blood Bowl Index -

Computer Blood Bowl
Cyanide Studios – Makers of the Blood Bowl PC Game -
Cyanide Studio Blood Bowl Forums -
Fun League Online Blood Bowl League - Forums -


Impact Miniatures -
Impact Miniatures is a gamer ran company (Tom Anders) that produces miniatures to support Blood Bowl as well as similar games such as Elf Ball. In addition to their own range of figures that include an Ice Troll and two Anubi players they offer figures from Heresy (Deathball Ogre), Phil’s Phigs (Imps, Valkyrie, Black Widows, Desert Dogs, Divine Wind, and Gnoll Teams), ZN Games (Ulfhedner), Shadowforge (Friar Apothocary), and RAFM (Reptiliad Team).

Heresy Miniatures -
Heresy Miniatures produces a line of figures for their Deathball game that is compatible for use with Blood Bowl. To date they do not have any full teams available. Figures available include Ogres, Minotaurs, Humans, and various Undead.

Shadowforge Miniatures -
Shadowforge Miniatures specializes in producing all female miniatures. Shadowforge produces a number of complete teams for Blood Bowl including a Human (Playboy) Bunny team, a Naughty Nun team, an Elf team, a Human team, an Orc team, and a Wicked Elf team. They also produce a number of interesting support figures such as referees, coaches and other support staff, cheerleaders, and TV news crews.

Goblin Forge Miniatures -
French company that produces a small selection of Blood Bowl figures including a goblin referee, a nice human cheerleader, and an ogress carrying a goblin.

Blood Bowl Miniatures -
This is a German website that provides links to images of Blood Bowl compatible miniatures from a number of companies as well as a relatively complete gallery of older GW Blood Bowl miniatures. Use the site map with direct links if you have problems seeing the pictures.

Three Die Block -
This bi-weekly podcast is available via both iTunes and their website. Each episode focuses on a single team where they discuss their preferred build for the team as well as the possible skill progression. Other segments focus on a skill or rules issue.
Tackle Zone Radio -
Tackle Zone Radio is a decent podcast available through iTunes or via the website. New podcasts are posted infrequently.
Zlurpcast -
Zlurpcast is a podcast that focuses on the tournament environment. It is available via iTunes or their website.

Other Sites
Aros Blood Bowl League -
Danish league site that has a very nice website.
C.U.R.B. Blood Bowl League -
Blood Bowl league website from the central United States.

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