Monday, September 6, 2010

Lucky Scales Defeat Da Burly Gitz 1-0 in an Offensive Showcase

The Lucky Scales improve their record to 1-3 in this the 5th season of Fun League West.  While the match was a low scoring affair it was full of twists and turns and almost scores.  The Scales kicked off to start the match and succeeded in containing the Gitz advance.  The Scales dislodged the ball around the mid-point of the half and young Uladashi the skink took the ball in for the score.  Regrettably he was later knocked out of the match but he will be back next week.  The Gitz took the ensuing kickoff and set up to attempt the always dramatic lob a gob play but the Scaly defense was too much and there was no attempt.

The second half kickoff came to the scales and they set up a double wall of blockers behind Uladashi.  Uladashi broke for the left sideline but the move came too early for the Sauri to have secured the flank and he was able to contemplate the errors of that action in the doc's box for the rest of the match.  For most of the match the two sides each attempted to secure the ball but none held it for too long until Gugnail, the Gitz thrower, was able to grab the ball from under the feet of two Scalies and lob it down field.  The surprised lineman who caught the ball scurried towards the goal line but as he approached the line he suffered a wardrobe malfunction and fell to the ground.  A Saurus in the area recovered the ball and lobbed a pass to midfield that while not caught did move the ball into much better field position for the Scales.  As the clock slowly wound down, the crowd watched as Gugnail prepared for some last minute heroics, the orc lineman resting in the end zone having managed to struggle to his feet.  Alas, it was not to be as the game ended on the tail of Krokquetli, the Scales' Kroxigor, who sent a Burly Git to the turf to end the match. 

The match was a physical one with the Scales inflicting nine knock downs, four knock outs, and a single injury (by the Saurus Kailizh).  Oatlgor of Pahualaxa who scored two knock downs including a stun and a knock out was named the scales MVP.

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