Monday, July 12, 2010

PhilGreg Order #03 Arrives - Unboxing

Our group has been ordering figures to be painted by PhilGreg Painters in Sri Lanka.  We have been uniformly happy with the quality of painting and the care that Philip takes in packing the figures.  To illustrate this I am posting a quick unboxing showing how well packed the figures are.  Pics of the actual figures will follow in a day or two.
Figure 1: The Happy Box

Figure 2: The box is lined in several layers of bubble wrap to ensure the figures do not move around in transit
Figure 3: Philip returns any reference materials with the figures.

Figure 4: Each subgroup is gathered together into small plastic bags.

Figure 5: Inside of the bags, each figure is enclosed by a small zip-lock bag

Figure 6: An Impact Miniatures Valkyrie safely wrapped in its bag
As you can see, Philip does everything he can to make certain that your toy soldiers make the trip from Sri Lanka as safely as possible.

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