Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 July 2010 - Tactics II

Nick, Rosie and I tonight as Harold attended a ball game and Jeff raided in Azoroth.  Nick and I pulled out a blast from the past, Avalon Hill's venerable Tactics II.  This is the most basic of chit wargames - pitting the Red army versus the Blue armies.  For this game we played using only the basic rules since neither of us had played this style of game in years.

I played the noble blue forces against the dastardly forces of the red army.  It was inevitable that we fight due to the reprehensible political and economic systems under which the reds live!

Figure 1: Lines in the sand

Figure Two: The red hordes attempt to turn the blue left flank

Figure Three: The last stand of the noble blue army as the capital falls

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