Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Blood in Distraction, New Mexico

On 16 July 2010 we had our first action in our Wild West town of Distraction, New Mexico.  Nick, Rosie, Jeff, Ann, Todd and Lissa divided into two teams.  Todd (Sheriff Arkansas Smith), Lissa (Deputy Lil) and Rosie (Deputy Monica La Tour) began the game in the north of town at the jail while the outlaws Ann (Annie Wesson), Jeff (Jim Loughton), and Nick (Norm) began the game on the porch of the bank as they exited with their loot.

The game was played using only the most basic of the Gutshot rules as Ann and Rosie had never played a miniatures game before.  The rules played smoothly and everyone had a great time.  The crew have decided to all go outlaw and the campaign will continue with the players running an outlaw gang.  The best line of the night was early on when after a round of absolutely terrible shooting outlaw Jim Loughton exclaimes, "Well, I cain't shoot if I cain't spit!"  

Figure 1: Opening view of Distraction, NM as outlaws exit the bank

Figure 2: Deputy Lil moves to confront the outlaws
Figure 3: Sheriff Arkansas Smith rushes the outlaws
Figure 4: The Sheriff attempts to make the arrest
Figure 5: Rosie rolls the dice
Figure 6: L-R: Jeff, Nick, Rosie, Ann, and Todd
Figure 7: The GM consults the dreaded "Snake Eyes" chart
Figure 8: Overview of mid-game
Figure 9: Deputies Annie and Lil move in to support the Sheriff
Figure 10: Sheriff Smith and the Outlaws in a desperate close range shootout
Figure 11: Deputy Lil and outlaw Annie face off
Figure 12: Another view of Annie and Lil
Figure 13: Todd lines up a shot
Figure 14: Deputy Monica la Tour joins Lil as she faces down Annie
Figure 15: Sheriff Smith having fallen, Outlaw Jim Loughton charges Deputy Lil as Norm takes careful aim at the deputies
Figure 16: Jim Laughton meets his maker at the end of Lil's pistol.
Figure 17: Lil and Annie fall
Figure 18: Rosie, Ann and Todd
Figure 19: Jeff, Nick, Rosie and Ann
Figure 20: Post-game

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