Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5th Gaming

Taking advantage of the holiday, Lissa and I hosted a small game day yesterday.  Todd and Anne, Nick and Rosie, Jeff, Lissa, and I played a bunch of games that we picked up at Origins and ended the evening with a golden oldie. We were also amazingly well fed thanks to Jeff (Hummus), Anne (Barbecue), and Rosie (Flan).

We started out with a game of Hey That's My Fish using extra figs to play 6 players.  Lissa won this game by a single fish.  I really like this one.  It is quick to learn and plays quickly.

Next up was Station Master.  Jeff won in a close game with much backstabbing.  Another great game.

For our third game Nick brought out his copy of The T-Shirt Game by Buffalo Games.  This is a great little party game much like Apples to Apples where you take turns judging the responses of the other players.  Each turn a T-shirt design is revealed and players secretly choose cards with various slogans to pair with the design.  These are mixed up and given to the judge who selects the best slogan.  Whoever offered that slogan then draws a "Hot or Not" card telling him how well the design did.  These cards range from the shirt becoming a mega-hit to the shirts all being recycled.  Play goes until someone gets 3000 points.  This is a game that is just asking for sets of add on cards and the addition of blank cards that you fill out yourself.

Next up was Jeff's Monty Python Fluxx.  Fluxx is an awesome little game where each card has the potential to change the basic rules of the game or the victory conditions.  There are several themed sets available including this one as well as Martian and Zombie themed decks.  This was a lot of fun and was full of Pythonesque silliness.  Todd deftly won the game with a quick change of goals.

To close out the evening we pulled out an old classic, Uno.  From the beginning Rosie dominated this game.  By the time the game ended there was no one even close.  Though she denies it, we all suspect that at one point she was the Mexican National Uno champion.

This was a fantastic way to spend the holiday - playing games with such great friends!     


  1. Small correction, Anne=Ann, but a wonderful post and a great time. I have added you to my RSS feeds folder.

  2. I agree. I think the T-Shirt game could definitely benefit from expansion packs. Otherwise, the game could lose it's entertainment value if you cycle the same slogans and shirt designs over and over.

    I thought Station Master was more enjoyable with a larger group than when just the three of us played it at Origins.

    It was a great time. Thanks for hosting.