Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lucky Scales Fall to 0-2-1

Lucky Scales - Fun League | 0-3 | Trap Snappers


The match began promisingly enough as the Scales defense held the Trap Snappers behind the mid-line for the first four turns.  Suddenly a small gap appeared and a crazy legged gutter runner reversed his field and moved towards the goal line.  A turn later he was in the endzone.  All seemed well however as the scales sent a skink long following the kickoff and tossed a pass to him.  He dropped it but it was nearby on the field.  Another gutter runner made an attempt to pick it up but failed and all that was needed was to block the gutter runner and pick up the ball on the endzone line.  The block went well but with no rerolls, the skink was unable to get his hands around the ball and watched pitifully as it bounced into the endzone.

The second half began with normal skink hi-jinks as the Scales were unable to pick the ball up following the kickoff allowing a gutter runner to crazy leg it into the backfield with a rat ogre for company leading to a two point lead.  The next kickoff return started better and looked to be shaping up as a nice sweep around the left side.  Instead, a well placed rat ogre blitz dislodged the ball and after a number of turns led to the final Trap Snapper score.

On a happier note the entire team survived the experience though the only SPPs earned were on CAS and the MVP.  The tiny 30K purse was enough to grab an additional skink.  Now if one could please get the Sure Hands skill so I can play offense :)

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