Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Decisive Battles of the Ancient World DVD Review

Decisive Battles of the Ancient World.  DVD.  A&E Television Networks, 2006.  $34.95

The episodes found on this three disc set chronicle thirteen important battles of the ancient world.  The battles covered include Marathon, Khadesh, Thermopylae, Chalons, Cannae, and Gaugamela among others.  The background of each conflict is given by leading historians such as Adrian Goldsworthy and Victor Davis Hanson and novelists such as Steven Pressfield and the battle itself is portrayed using computer graphics from the computer game, Rome: Total War.  The computer graphics illustrate the fighting styles and deployments of the various armies in a way that small groups of actors cannot.

                Two bonus episodes are also included.  The first is an episode of the Ancient Mysteries series; The Secret Life of King Ramses II, narrorated by Leonard Nemoy.  The second bonus episode contains the episode, The Greeks from the Foot Soldier series.  All told, this set will provide you with over six hours of enjoyment.  I highly recommend the series as a source of inspiration and an agreeable companion whilst painting.   

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