Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lucky Scales Lose Again but Show Signs of Life

The Lucky Scales fell to 0-2 against the Skaven Trap Snappers of DwayneJ.  The game was much closer than the 3-1 score would indicate with the Scales moving into scoring position several times only to have the Gutter Runners of the Trap Snappers interfere with the drive.

Newly acquired skink runner, Kai of Gold scored the lone Scale TD and showed a knack for putting his claws on the ball.  Two sauri blockers, Kailizh and Uta of the Moon had casualties in the game while sauri, Goq of Huatl was named the MVP and picked up his second skill, Guard.

I have high hopes for the Scales after this match as they have now played two of the better teams in the league and they are beginning to rebuild after last season's collapse.

Report on game from the Fun League Blog http://orcshallconference.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/trap-snappers-3-1-luck-scales/.

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