Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heimdall's Hornies Open Their Run n the Rifleman Blood Bowl League With a Win

The Hornies kicked off to begin the game and the Black Widows took the ball up the left sideline.  On the line, Ophelia, the elf assassin, knives Jormungandr, the Hornie Yeti, knocking her out.  Balder blitzes the ball carrier, Guinevere, putting her out for this game and the next while Weth grabbed the ball and headed towards Valhalla (the end zone for the non-Norse among our readers).  She was caught from behind but the ball was recovered by Loki and taken in to put Heimdall's Hornies up 1-0.

Jormungandr managed to come around for the ensuing kickoff as the elves went on a casualty spree along the line sending two line persons to the injured box and stunning the much abused Jormungandr.  The elves fumbled the ball as they attempted to dodge away from several Norse players and the ball was picked up by Loki who handed off to Hel who ran in for a touchdown putting the Hornies up 2-0.

Figure One: An early view of the scrum

The second half kickoff was taken by Balder who was blitzed by a Witch Elf  who recovered the ball and thereafter ensued a comedic sequence where players from each team would grab the ball only to see themselves thrown to the ground and the ball bounce away.  Finally, Balder recovers the ball and sprints down field to his teammates, Freyja and Hel.  As he nears them he trips and falls and again the ball is on the ground.  Elf assassin, Ophelia sprints in to disrupt the play and finds herself face to fist with Freyja who delivered a killing blow to the assassin that had so troubled poor Jormungandr.  As the whistle was preparing to blow, Hel grabbed the ball and ran into the end zone guarded by Freyja.

Figure Two: Hel scores while being guarded by Freyja

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