Saturday, August 21, 2010

FungusLiga West Restarts - Lucky Scales Battered by Great Green Gloopers

The FungusLiga West was forced to restart due to a few unreliable teams.  The Scales found themselves up against orabbi's Great Green Gloopers, an orc team with the highest ranking in the League (the Scales of course are bringing up the rear).

Things went bad for the Scales from the beginning.  The Gloopers took the opening kickoff and began beating on the poor lizards, reducing the on-field group to two rather confused Sauri.  With Scaly resistance at such a low state the Gloopers scored on turn eight.

The Scales took the opening kickoff of the first half up the right sideline and scored rather quickly tying the game at one all.  The ensuing kickoff played out very much like the previous one and the Gloopers methodically beat up the Scales until scoring on turn fifteen.  All in all the Scales suffered two dead, six casualties, and five knock outs.  Adding insult to injury the XP for the game were largely garnered by the mercenary players the Scales were forced to hire in order to field a team with the Star Player Saurus Silibili being named the team MVP and a mercenary skink scoring the Scales' lone touchdown.

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