Thursday, March 31, 2011

And Then the Lasers Fire!

Avalon Hill Robo Rally - Image from Board Game Geek User - Lieven Volckaer
I played my first game of Robo Rally yesterday with Nick, Rosy, Jeff, Lissa, Jim and Dana. This is Jim's favorite game and I had been looking forward to playing for quite a while. The game is as chaotic as you might imagine, especially with seven of us jockeying for position. Jim's superior programming skills gave him the win but Nick and I both had managed to grab two of the three flags and Jeff finished the game with all three "lives". This is a lot of fun and has now been added to my ever growing wish list. Looking online though I see that the figures that came with the older WotC version are much more characterful than the ones in the most recent, Avalon Hill box.

Old Robo Rally Figs - Photo from Board Game Geek User - Aaron Malek 

New Robo Rally Figs - Photo from Board Game Geek User - Paul Holman

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