Monday, November 29, 2010

Final Holiday Gaming Post and Beginning the Quest for Good Two Player Games

On Black Friday I actually ventured into the world and visited at least one store, of course it was Lost Legion Games and Comics - the Riflemen and I went primarily to play games but I did take advantage of some Black Friday specials while I was there.  Shopping-wise, I picked up Say Anything and Arena Maximus from the buy one get one free table and picked up Mr. Jack PocketSmall World: Be Not Afraid, and Aye, Dark Overlord and received Small World: Necromancer Island free from the shop.

While there Dave G. stopped by with Tinner's Trail.  This is a nicely themed resource management game based in the mining region of Cornwall.  The game has an interesting turn sequence mechanism where players can choose to do various actions such as building a mine, opening bidding on a parcel of land, or constructing improvements on a parcel.  Each action takes a specified amount of time, moving the player along the turn sequence chart.  As players make money from the selling of their mined ores they then use the money to purchase outside investments that serve as victory points.  This is an excellent game and one I would be interested in picking up.

Prior to playing in Tinner's Trail, I watched Craig and Dan play a bit of Malifaux.  I had not previously been interested in Malifaux as many of the miniatures were too weird for my taste but some of the recent miniatures (Guld faction swashbucker types) looked good and a lot of folks around here like the game.  After watching for a while I can see the appeal of the game but I am now certain that it is not for me.  Too many rules (two whole rulebooks), too fiddly, and to be honest, too gross for my tastes.  Craig spent the first part of the game disassembling his own units in order to build a Frankenstein monster.  Not my cup of tea.

Next up - Lissa and I have been working our way through our two player games looking for good games to play together.  First up was Architekton.  This is a simple tile laying game.  Lissa liked this one quite a bit and I liked it ok.

Tonight we tried out three more two player games.  Scrabble Slam! is a fast paced game where you try to be the first to empty your hand of letter cards by covering up letters in the four letter word on the table to form new words.  This was a lot of fun for two and would be even better with more players.

Next we played Gold Digger.  This one was ok with two but would be far, far better with additional players.  You play cards to attach characters or gold/fool's gold cards to each of the six mines while staking a claim in up to three of them.  With two players there is little conflict for mines and you are able to quickly improve a mine that you have staked a claim in.  More players would lead to more cards being played between turns and more conflict.

Last up was Gone Fishing!  This game is a lot like concentration in that you are able to peek at the lake cards before selecting one each round when you are the angler.  The fish player can manipulate the placement of the lake cards between angler turns.  The game works ok but was not that interesting to either of us.  This one is destined for the trade/gift pile.       

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