Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charcon 2010 - A Busy Night in Distraction, New Mexico Report

This has been a while coming but here is a short writeup with a bunch of pics from our Charcon 2010 Gutshot game.  The buildings are all from Eric Hotz's excellent Whitewash City range of paper buildings as is the play mat.  There were six teams, each with separate goals to accomplish.  The teams were the Pinkertons, the Sheriff and deputies, the US Marshals, two outlaw gangs, and a gang of banditos.  The goals ranged from the banditos needing to "rescue" the little sister of the leader who had ran off and become a "can can dancer" and the Marshals who were tasked with arresting the leaders of the three gangs and one of the Pinkerton agents who was wanted in Colorado for actions in a coal strike.  The only team to complete their mission was Jeff's outlaws who successfully freed a team member from the Sheriff's lockup and left the board.  They were also shot up unexpectedly by Ken's banditos who ignored their goal and simply shot up the town and anyone in it they could reach. 

In addition to the normal activation cards that each character would have I added several cards that activated a civilian in a nearby building or began a pre-staged event such as the rampage of El Nacho Loco, a midget Mexican (Flintloque Frontiers Hobbit?) who was angry that all of the ladies at Madame Orre's were so dag-blamed tall.  At one point an outlaw used Nacho as cover and shot over him at another player.  The other main event was the gunfight.  When this card was drawn two NPCs left a bar and set-up in the street to have a classic shootout.  Unfortunately, as they thought this was to be their day of fame, they were largely ignored as folks brawled around them paying them no attention.

Figure 1: The setup

Figure 2: Another view of the setup

Figure 3: Larry moves one of the Sheriff's men

Figure 4: Overview of the game as the GM (me) digs for a civilian to add to the mix

Figure 5: The gunfight

Figure 6: Ken moves a bandito

Figure 7: The carnage at Madame Orre's and Nacho Loco being used as cover

Figure 8: The bank president walks out at the wrong time

Figure 9: The banditos just before they shot down poor Granny Clampett

Figure 10: A view of the carnage

Figure 11: An overhead view

Figure 12: One of the outlaws found some dynamite and decided to blow up the livery and is confronted by the elderly livery operator - he was eventually successful and miraculously survived


  1. Thanks. The game was a lot of fun and was our first opportunity to use a lot of our new western toys.

  2. Game looks great! Sorry I missed the con. It
    was the same weekend as Game Day in Ohio.

  3. This is awesome stuff! Great job with the layout.