Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boardgames with Tori and Ashley

My youngest daughter, Tori, visited this evening and later on her friend Ashley stopped by.  Before Ashley arrived Tori, Lissa and I played a quick hand of Dominion.  Tori and Lissa had never played before and I had not played since Charcon 2009 so the game was new to all of us.  Everyone enjoyed the game and is looking forward to trying out some of the other card combinations.  I won the game but I expect the results to be different as everyone becomes more comfortable with the rules.

Ashley arrived and we decided to show Ashley Hey, That's My Fish! since she is attending school to become a zoo keeper - perhaps this would give her some insight into the penguins at the zoo.  We played two quick games before they had to leave.  Again, I won both games partly due to Tori and Ashley constantly cutting each other off on isolated ice floes.

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