Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching Up After a Busy Weekend of Gaming

I had a nice extended weekend of gaming this weekend.  On Thursday Lissa and I went up to a nearby state park for a library meeting and we played four games of Carcassonne in the lodge by the fireplace.  Very nice but I was disappointed in the lack of interest by the other librarians there though most of them arrived quite a bit later than we did.

On Friday, Lissa, Jeff and I played a couple of games of Carcassonne and a hand of Martian Fluxx.  I still like Fluxx ok and this game proved better for Lissa and Jeff this time around.  Still, I doubt that we will expand our Fluxx collection.

On Sunday Jim and Dana came over and we played Smallworld and a game that I had on the top of my "To Play" list, Power Grid.  Dana had a great night and whipped Lissa, Jim and myself in both games.

Power Grid was cool.  I like the auctions and the way the resource mix changes throughout the game.  Probably not a game we will purchase but I look forward to playing it again in the future.  Lots of fun.

My online Blood Bowl League restarted after upgrading to the Legendary Edition and the Lucky Scales continued their $@&*$ ways.  In an interesting but at times for me frustrating game we fell to a new Necromantic team with a star player vampire.

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